Horseshoe Harbour

Birth Year:
Dark Bay/Brown 

Updates on Horseshoe Harbour

Our dear horse, Horseshoe Harbour, has had a rough patch the last few months.  He is healthy but he has made it clear he isn't interested in being a race horse any more.
So making a smart business decision we found him a new home and second career.
Working with New Start,  he will be retrained and find a new loving home.
The key to this:

  • We make smart business decisions and pull a horse when it is time.  Doing it in this case means we will have ANOTHER profitable horse for Club members.
  • We made a smart claim and this horse gave us 3 great wins at three tracks over the year we owned him.
  • We always find a safe home for our horses.

UPDATE on 8/1/18:  HH is settling into his new OTTB life:

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