Mechanics of the
Racehorse Program

A Co-Owner pays a $25 fee to become part of the WV Stables Co-Owner Club.

→ The Club gives members access to WV Stables education and entertainment programming.
→ The Club membership allows the co-owner to select a .50% to 4.99% stake in any horse that Wasabi Ventures Stables adds to its stable. The co-owner will have complete visibility and transparency into the horses and stories of each.
→ When a co-owner selects a horse, the price for the horse is a transparent percentage of the price of the horse plus a $99/horse management fee.
→ Wasabi Ventures Stables and its partners will be retaining at least 20% of each horse claimed. We are completely in on each horse. This assures all co-owners we are completely invested as well and only choosing horses for the program we believe in.
→ Wasabi Ventures Stables will be targeting horses in the $5,000 to $30,000 range, so a minimum ownership will be between $124 and $249 (Price of the horse plus the $99 management fee).
→ A co-owner will decide which horses he/she is part of. He/She gets to pick his/her horses from the horses offered in the program.
→ With the WV Stables Co-Owner Club, there are absolutely NO bills or other payments to be made after the initial one-time payment. When the horse ends its WV Stables racing career or is sold, the bills come out of the initial payment you made, but you will NEVER be required to pay any additional funds.
→ At the end of the racing career of the horse, Wasabi Ventures Stables will send a complete and transparent financial story and any profits will be sent to the co-owner.

Each club member can join as many or few horses as he or she would like

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